Two Man Power Trip

Since debuting in January 2015 and named one of RollingStone.com’s “18 Pro Wrestling Podcasts To Follow”, The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling has become a strong content provider in the podcast medium. Host John Poz has conduct the most in depth interviews in the entire genre of Professional Wrestling. John Poz/TMPT also co-hosts shows with ECW Legend, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas: Triple Threat Podcast, Dutch Mantell’s The University of Dutch Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer J.J. Dillon’s JJ Podcast, Kevin Sullivan’s Taskmaster Talks Podcast, Rick Bassman’s Talking Tough Podcast, Taking You To School with Dr. Tom Prichard as well the Pro Wrestling 101 podcast and famed TMPT Feature interview series.

The TMPT Empire also specializes in coordinating and booking wrestling convention and autograph signing appearances.  The TMPT Empire has hosted a full day event titled “TMPT Con” in Richmond, Virginia from 2017-2019.  
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University Of Dutch

Dirty” Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) has done it all from being a wrestler, WWE manager and a part of creative teams from IMPACT/TNA to Puerto Rico and all points in-between. Now, this wily desperado shares his stories from his 45+ years in pro wrestling along with co-host John Poz.



Taking You To School
“Taking You to School with Dr Tom Prichard” is a collaboration between Dr. Tom Prichard, The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling’s Podcasting Empire and the JPWA Wrestling Academy. TMPT’s John Poz (JP) joins Dr. Tom as co-host to discuss the former WWF and SMW Tag Team Champion’s history in professional wrestling both in and out of the ring. This podcast journey for Dr. Tom will give him the opportunity to share stories, training techniques and observations from his over 40 years of wrestling experience with the wrestling fans as well as wrestlers themselves.
The Triple Threat Podcast
Video/Audio Podcast Hosted by former ECW World Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
@TheFranchiseSD @TwoManPowerTrip & @ChadIanB on Vince Russo’s @RussosBrand
Taskmaster Talks
Welcome to “Taskmaster Talks” with Kevin Sullivan, I am your co host JP John Poz and with me as always is the star of the show, WCW and ECW tag Team Champion, NWA Florida World Heavyweight Champion…One of the greatest minds in professional wrestling history…The Devil Himself, The Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan! Kevin takes a deep dive into his booking of WCW, the nWo, the White Hummer, Fingerpoke of Doom, his full career, and so much more.
JJ: The JJ Dillon Podcast
The legendary JJ Dillon had one of the most successful careers in pro wrestling history. He has worked for 50 years in the business, which saw him work as a referee, a booker, Head of Talent, a main event wrestler, and manager of many champions. Most famously, being a member of the legendary Four Horsemen. On this podcast JJ discusses everything from his early days, to the 4 Horsemen, to WWF, to WCW, and anything inbetween
Talking Tough Podcast
TALKING TOUGH host Rick Bassman writes in the introduction to his autobiography “Little Big Man,” “…and that’s BEFORE the past three years, which have been a punch-me-in-the-face, microcosmic, accelerated shit storm of painful-gut-wrenching-experiences (God please, let there be no deeper depths in this seemingly bottomless pit of rock bottoms), that just may…FINALLY…MAY…see me come out the “other” side of this.”   Like his Guests on TALKING TOUGH, Rick too was at the top of his world.  Also like his guests, he crashed to the bottom in spectacular fashion. From being the highest-ranking executive ever hired by The Walt Disney Company without a college degree and winning an Emmy Award, to travelling the world with artists like Guns N Roses, to owning his own successful Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts brands.  And his “highs” were always interspersed with “lows…”  Stage 4 testicular and lung cancer, loss of many close to him, countless street fights, a wrecked spine, life-threatening infections, double kidney failure, two strokes and a heart attack, led Rick to choose a three decades-long depression, homelessness and addiction. And also like his Guests, Rick is rising again, taking responsibility for his life, consciously finding an ever-widening path to peace and spirituality, and giving his all to be of service.
Pro Wrestling 101
“Pro Wrestling 101 with Justin Credible” is a collaboration between PJ Polaco, The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling’s Podcasting Empire and Vince Russo’s The Brand. TMPT’s John Poz (JP) joins Justin as co-host to discuss the former ECW World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions history in professional wrestling both in and out of the ring. This podcast journey for Justin will give him the opportunity to teach others about the business, share stories, reflect on booking and observations from his over 25 years of wrestling experience.
John Poz VS.
Host John Poz conducts the most in depth interviews in the entire genre of Professional Wrestling. Now he’s bringing his interviews to the Russo Brand with a new series called “John Poz vs.” where he will interview the top names and stars in and around the wrestling business.


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